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  1. Body & Chassis
    I recently purchesed a 2014 Diavel Dark. I noticed some small scratches in the paint on the tank and a small dent in the caps on the airinlet. What are my options to make my precious look mint again besides bying new caps? Ideas are much appreciated!
  2. Australia
    Hey all a quick one... Wanting to get some custom paint done to my dark, and I hear the matt paint can be really hard, or impossible to work with. Being no paint-minded guy myself I'm wondering how true this is and if its gonna be worth looking into getting something done or if anyone knows any...
  3. Diavel General Discussion
    Anyone try painting the rear hugger or any of the other dull black plastic? I would like to do it but the parts are so flexible I am not sure if it will last without cracking. I think it would look good with a smooth shiny black finish.
1-3 of 3 Results