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  1. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hello, New member from CA checking in to say hi. I currently have a new 1260 Stealth I'm riding (waiting on my 1260S Black & Steel). I had her down in LA/SD/SF for a week along with some HD friends and hit up some amazing roads! Cheers, Racepoint
  2. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hey everyone, Thank you for allowing me, and i apologize ahead of time, I'm a slightly crazy rider. I have a 2012 Diavel in red. I ride every single day of the year. Rain, snow, ice, sunshine, everything. I treat my bikes with high expectations, and the Diavel, Bryaxis, has not let me down yet...
  3. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hi all I am new to the forum and first time Ducati owner. Mine is a 2013 Diavel Carbon Nice to meet you all!
  4. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    First time post but long time user, I've come here over the years to look for info or ideas on Diavel's. I have had two Diavels so far a '13 & '15 both Carbon Red. Thanks for all the good info over the years!
  5. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hi all, New member! Not yet a true member of the tribe (no Diavel in the driveway yet), but close to pulling the trigger on the purchase. I am in Pattaya and Bangkok, Thailand, and the Pattaya dealer has Diavels in stock and ready for delivery. Currently on a rented CBR150 to get used to...
  6. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hello everybody! Just register on the forum.. I am Italian living in Tokyo,Japan and own Diavel black Carbon 2011. Looking forward to share my passion for the Diavel ,with all of you. Ciao Diaboliko
  7. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Just introducing myself to the forum , I have the diavel for three weeks now and even though the weather is awful at the mo , I've managed to get out a few times , all my trips have been around the city in London so once the weather gets a bit better il take a ride out to Southend and have a bit...
  8. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Joined the ranks of The Possessed (by the Diavel) this week. May have sold my soul but couldn't be more thrilled. Have owned dozens of great motorcycles over the years. Most of those have been Ducatis or Aprilias, with my last-to-go Ducati having been a truly beautiful and quite insane S4Rs...
1-8 of 8 Results