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  1. Diavel General Discussion
    Dear all, I am planning to replace the timing belts on my 2013 Gen 1 Diavel Carbon, with all the special tools and CA cycleworks Exactfit timing belt ready. Just wonder what is the belt mass per unit length & width (kg/m2)? Need to set up those figures in order to use my frequency meter. I...
  2. XDiavel General Discussions
    My right hand front indicator has some condensation in side the clear lens. I could go "old Skool" and just drill a 1mm hole in the bottom of the lens, but I wanted to get the lens off to dry it out and seal it properly instead. The manual says there is a screw on the back of the indicator, but...
  3. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    Hi there Diavellers, I'm about to embark on the installation of a Translogic Quickshifter (will do a write-up separately) but, in preparation for the work I was thinking that it would be nice to test run the bike (and the installation of the QS) while the bike is on the stand. (I also thought...
  4. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    I don't know if any of you find checking the slack in the drive chain a bit of a pain, but I do. To make it a bit easier I've had a gauge printed which you can see in the attached photos. When inserted in the inspection window the top of the two horizontal guides is 9mm from the top, the bottom...
1-4 of 4 Results