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  1. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hey guys, I bought a Ducati Diavel from user rb21 almost 3 years ago. It came with an amazing touring set up. Turns out I have only used it twice in 3 years. I trailer my bike to the fun roads so there is no need for a luggage system like this. It has been basically collecting dust. I am...
  2. SOLD!
    Good condition. Very roomy. $150 plus shipping.
  3. Forum News & Information
    I have a X Diavel. I am planning a two week trip later this month. Does anyone have any suggestions for a luggage rack for this bike? I cannot seem to locate one that is made for the X Diavel. Any help (and pictures) would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Diavel General Discussion
    Hi everyone, new to forum. I have tried perusing the posts but nothing concise or up to date. I was wondering if those of you that have rear luggage racks could you post pictures of the whole bike to see the look of them. Everything I have seen is pretty ugly and doesn't tend to follow the...
  5. Diavel General Discussion
    Anyone tried to mount c-bow mounts to a hard or rigid side case? I've got c-bow mounts but want something more solid than the soft-bags from Hepco-Becker (Sport and new oval). Thanks, WhiteDiavel
  6. Diavel Modifications
    Anyone ever fit Giant Loop saddlebags to a Diavel? I'm wondering because they look to be made for adventure bikes, but I noticed them recently on the Moto Corsa Panigale. I want to try out the Great Basin (60 liters) or the Coyote (39 liters) but they are expensive. http://giantloopmoto.com/
  7. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Set of Oxford X50 soft panniers. Used only once. In excellent condition, all straps included plus they come with rain covers. I bought a touring bike as a second motorcycle so I don't use these on the Diavel. The images can be seen here. Some images show the panniers with the Ducati tail bag...
  8. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hi All Looking for a Ducati Performance tank bag for my tour this summer, If anyone knows of one going or has an alternative option, please let me know. Cheers jrqj
  9. Diavel Modifications
    Hello All, P.S, this post is not for guys who say "Putting a luggage system on a Diavel spoils its looks and if you want touring bike you shouldn't have bought a Diavel and all". This post is for guys who want to make the best use of their Diavel. This post maybe a repeat, I looked around a lot...
  10. Diavel Ride Reports
    June of last year I took my baby to Deals Gap for a memorable 5-day bender. As I said then, my heart was set on having another long-range ride on the Diavel. But who has the time? And where to go? Well, as luck would have it, my little (well, younger really) brother decided to get married in...
  11. Diavel Modifications
    Sorry if this is a repeat of someone else's post. Looks like Hepco & Becker are developing some luggage products for the Diavel. So far I've found a top box rack and a set of c-bow pannier holders. This is the link to their site. http://www.hepco-and...php?selectmodel When you go there and...
1-11 of 11 Results