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  1. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Size 46 Vented Leather jacket for sale, near perfect condition. Never worn in rain, always with layers underneath, and cleaned after every ride. Paid $600, + additional armor installed; looking for $200
  2. The Locker Room
    Since Roland's Sand design has delivered some good pieces of motorcycle modifications I thought I could try their clothes. Anyone who has been away from RDS clothes and knows the size etc? Ride Dainese until now, but maybe break that line .... https://www.rolandsands.com/riding-gear
  3. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hi All, I have the stock exhaust from my 2015 Daivel Dark. Was only used for about 500 miles, no scratches or anything $300.00 shipped obo. I have the touring seat that was only used for about a week. Like new condition no scratches or tears. $225 shipped obo. Made from non-slip materials that...
  4. The Locker Room
    Ducati Diavel Tex 14 jacket. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Buy Now. All sizes available. Check here. http://www.vernetro.com/ducati-diavel-tex-14-jacket Also, for many other Ducati products, you can check here. http://www.vernetro.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=ducati
  5. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Great jacket, like new condition, no scratches, never down. 360 degree zip to Dainese pants. Carbon fiber/titanium shoulder plates. Includes Wave G1 back protector. $450 shipped to CONUS SIZE 48 EU/38 US This was Dainese's flagship model a few years ago, well over $1000 new. Technical Specs...
  6. Chatter Room
    I am looking for some insight into jacket "fit". I cannot decide between the Alpinestars T-Jaws jacket and the Dainese Laguna Seca jacket. Both are priced about the same. Many reviews say the Dainese is a great jacket, but I am about 5'11" and 225 lbs. and I absolutely hate the feel of clothing...
  7. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I am selling my practically brand new excellent condition Vanson perforated leather jacket. It's a USA sized XL and is well constructed with zippered pockets and sleeves. Fully perforated cowhide, plenty of airflow. Has black Vanson patches on the shoulders with CE armor in the elbows and...
1-7 of 8 Results