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  1. Diavel General Discussion
    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, just registered. How do I start... I've had my eye on a Carbon at my local dealer, it'll be my first bike purchase (Years of prior riding experience, though) Currently living in Pa, M-Class, and family has had statefarm for over ten years. No prior...
  2. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hi forum people, Got a 2015 Diaval carbon a couple of weeks ago and need insurance advice. Locally I am getting quotes up in the 2000 range Gulp! Anyone go goo suggestions of where to go? Thanks in advance
  3. Australia
    Hi Everyone, It's time for dreaded Green Slip again for registration here in NSW. Just curious on how much people are paying these days for their Green Slip? I know everyone different abit depending on the insurance company they go with and personal circumstances. I would appreciate it to...
  4. Australia
    I am currently insured with SGIO, fully comprehensive with a 65% No Claim Bonus (rating 1). Bike is covered for an agreed value of $28 650, and Riding gear is covered up to $2000 I am currently paying $616.00 with an excess of $500... It's renewal time and I was just wondering who has what...
  5. Diavel General Discussion
    What do you guys have as deductibles on your insurance?? I currently have $500 on my collision and $250 on comprehensive... I guess I am wondering if my selections have any basis in logic either way?? Should I change these??? Higher or lower????
1-5 of 5 Results