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  1. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    Hello guys, first of all i wanna let you know that my english isnt very well. Im interested in different handlebars for my XdiavelS. Ducati offers 3 sizes, standard, 25mm more forward and 50mm closer to the driver. I'm thinking about the 50mm closer handle bars but not sure if this would ruin...
  2. Forum News & Information
    I cant reach my 2015 Diavel's handle bars without bending forward, at my age this causes wrist and back discomfort. I noticed my buddy's 1st gen. diavel has a more comfortable handle bar, he is telling me my second gen diavel has the Multistrada handle bar which could be the reason for my...
  3. Body & Chassis
    I'm looking to purchase the Ducabike Bar End Caps http://store.proitalia.com/ducabike-handlebar-end-caps - and was hoping someone could confirm the inside diameter for me 14/15mm or, 16/17mm. (I don't have my bike yet). thx peter
1-3 of 3 Results