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  1. The Locker Room
    Anyone have advice for mounting a GoPro on the Diavel? Not a fan of the helmet mount, the chest position will kill the audio, and the tank seems like a clumsy spot making it hard to tuck or open gas cap. Really want a view of rpms, speedo, and road ahead, but the dual displays plus actual...
  2. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Hi, Yesterday i mounted my GoPro Hero3 Black edition on the Diavel for the first time. I edited a little movie using GoPro Studio; my first by the way. Some footage from the Netherlands, hope you like it, tips n tricks are allways welcome! https://www.youtube....h?v=LzG4VJTx3gU
  3. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    I am looking at creating films using a GoPro Hero3 and Contour GPS, however, every location that mounts the cameras directly to the bike inevitably results in vibration distortion of the footage causing a jello effect. Image stabilization software does not compensate enough, either. Helmet...
  4. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Here's some GoPro footage of a ride near Austin, TX. Every Saturday we head out for a ride and grab some good ol' Texas BBQ. July 5th Ride: 1198, 1999 Panigale Tricolore, Diavel Dark and 899 Panigale. July 12th Ride: [media]http://youtu.be/MT6ksPESf84 Diavel Dark, Ducati 1199 Panigale...
  5. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    For a fluke, I was asked to drive the Diavel for an upcoming music video. This is how a professional gripper installed a 3-point mount to have a GoPro 3 shoot from behind the rider (me) capturing a view above the helmet that also includes the helmet and the driver's shoulders. Not exactly...
  6. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Nice weather today! Went out on a group and solo ride in hills. [font=Arial][size=4]
  7. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Hi all, So the freezing weather is giving away! that means the decent rides have begun. I made one after work on some nearby country roads, had still some stones and dirt etc.... Some twisties not much as I was exploring the area basically.... I made a video put the GoPro HD on the bar with...
1-8 of 8 Results