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  1. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I have some used parts for sale all good condition at deep discount prices. Gen1 and Gen2 Ducati Diavel applicable. Prices includes domestic shipping. 1. OEM Rear Shock from 2015 Carbon, no leaks, clean, Part #336521011B, new $1859.70. Price $125 2. OEM Right and Left complete Fork Leg...
  2. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    G'day... The previous owner of my recently acquired '11 had some interesting tastes in suspension settings, and the bike came home with a combination of maxed-out front preload minned-out rear preload. It makes for an interesting ride, especially on spring frost-heaved asphalt. When I...
  3. Diavel Modifications
    trying to organise a grroup buy for the Andreani fork cartridge. still waiting on info from supplier price for 5 units is 398 euro! price for 10 units drops to 380 euro price for 20 units drops to 365 euro shipping to Oz is about 69 euro so far these guys are in:- 916hoon (gb organiser)...
1-3 of 3 Results