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  1. Diavel 1260 General Discussion
    Howdy to all, Firstly, love my Diavel 1260s (2019). But now she's got some major issues. Bike was left in the rain while I was at a mates - nothing crazy, just a regular few hours of rain. I went to leave; turned the bike on and the only lights that came on were the front headlight and the...
  2. How-To's
    Sharing a quick HowTo on my version of Auxiliary Lights for the Diavel (or any bike). Back story: So the stock light sucks and the options are pretty limited. HID is good but might fry your LED strip, LED Bulb technology is… well, it's almost there. To be honest, I do very little...
  3. The Locker Room
    Anyone have advice for mounting a GoPro on the Diavel? Not a fan of the helmet mount, the chest position will kill the audio, and the tank seems like a clumsy spot making it hard to tuck or open gas cap. Really want a view of rpms, speedo, and road ahead, but the dual displays plus actual...
1-3 of 3 Results