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  1. Diavel 1260 Performance and Modifications
    Need some help, I have been on the phone with Rapid Bike and it turns out that they don't and willnot have a EVO or Race Module for the 1260S Diavel anytime soon. I just purchased the Zard exhaust and I was looking into other Modules. My question is there another Module I can purchase that...
  2. XDiavel Performance And Modifications
    Hi guys, I'm sure most of you have come across this post regarding Bren's first and very optimistic attempt and updating the tune on the stock xDiavel ECU: https://www.diavel-forum.com/index.php?/topic/88845-brentuning-flashed-ecu-dyno-results-and-review/ I have been in-contact with them and...
  3. XDiavel General Discussions
    Part 1of 2: Since December I have been reaching out to various aftermarket companies that provide either ECU flashing services or DIY tuning options for Ducati. In May I restarted my campaign to pester the short list of companies that gave me even the slightest positive response. BrenTuning was...
  4. Diavel General Discussion
    Hi folks, Today I got ECU light on my dash. Bike moves as usual. Any ideas why? Will go to the dealer to advise
  5. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    Hi Fellow Diavellers! I am considering buying a device or software to connect to the Diavel (and other bikes if suitable) does anyone have experience of such a device. I know there seem to be loads on the market but I dont really want to spend £2000 on a Motorscan. I have heard fro a couple...
  6. Engine & Exhaust Tuning
    So I have a USA 2015 Carbon, came from the dealership with panniers and passenger grab handles, I bought it used, I am turning it back to the Standard Diavel Taillights. EU Cruise and Tune worked correctly due to the passenger grab handle kit has a separate brake and blinkers but the US version...
  7. Diavel General Discussion
    Looking for some info...... I just picked up my new carbon and I know there is going to be a 1000km service needed. Problem is that the dealer is 700km to the east. I have read that the Tuneboy can reset the light but there are a few models available and I want to know which ones are capable of...
  8. Diavel General Discussion
    Hi all, First time posting! Ive recently bought myself a lovely 2013 Blue Ducati Diavel, the only issue I had with it was that standard exhaust! I found and purchased a Shift-Tech Carbon Stage 3 slip-on Exhaust which looks fantastic. I then took it for a Dyno run to see how lean it was running...
  9. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    Hello All, This morning during my commute I observed odd behavior from my Diavel. During my rides in "normal" temperatures since I've owned the bike (since March 2014), it always runs around 160F +/- 10F. During this morning's commute, I hit a patch (about 10 miles or so) where the ambient...
  10. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Looking to sell extraneous 2013 diavel parts: Full OEM exhaust system. ECU, Mitsubishi, Part No.: 28641751A Upper handle bar clamp - Part No.: 36031201A Front chain sprocket cover - Part No.: 46014071A
  11. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hi... I upgraded to a Termi system on my 2013 Diavel and I have the ECU for sale. The Ducati part # on the ECU label is: This matches that of Omaha Ducati's # in the on-line parts catalog. The Mitsubishi part # on the ECU label is: F8TJ0071. The other Ducati label on the ECU has...
  12. Parts & Accessories For Sale
  13. Diavel General Discussion
  14. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    Hi fellow Diavellers, I have a question - What is the difference between a stock ECU and a "Race ECU" i.e. supplied with a Terminoni "Race" Exhaust? Reason for asking is that my local garage has my duke at the moment adding this seasons modifications: - 1) Small front cog 2) New High Flow...
  15. Diavel Modifications
    Hi all Time has come for my next Diavel project - Tuning the bike and further exploiting the electronics. I know there's threads on tuning already, but most focus on fuel mapping. I'll bet you all a beer that we can go beyond that, and also I'd like to publish some hard results. Especially now...
  16. Diavel Mechanical & Maintenance
    Hi All I have been trying for sometime to solve the closed loops sensors without resorting to any of the resistor based solutions. I can report that these 2 reflashes work. I tried both today. My 02 sensors are unplugged (no errors) and my exhaust flap is now permamanetly fully open. The result...
  17. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I've just listed a "new" stock ECU on eBay. It was a take-off from a brand new Diavel that was fitted with the full Termis and ECU. Here is the listing: http://www.ebay.com/...ewitem=&vxp=mtr Members of this forum are invited to submit "Best Offers" via eBay and then PM me through this forum...
  18. Wanted Dead or Alive
    I want a spare unit - anyone got their left after unit buying the Termis upgrade. Must be Euro or Australian only (to avoid the issues with Red Tail lens ) I'll even rent it if that is an option. Thanks
  19. Diavel Modifications
    Hi to all interested in the Rexxer proMap reflash for a Standard ECU. My reflash has been applied, however it is not perfect yet. You are good to go if you have the Full Termi, this post only applies to Standard ECU not the Ducati Performance modified ECU. For me, it is a work in progress...
  20. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I didn't know what the correct protocol for listing stuff on the board. I will put a link to the item if I can figure that out. I will also list the full exhaust system in another listing. Or I guess if someone wanted to PM me a offer that would work also. http://www.ebay.com/itm/180758931405...
1-20 of 22 Results