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  1. RearsetsShift.jpg

    DucaBike rearsets, shifter side
  2. XDiavel Performance And Modifications
    Howdy folks and Merry Christmas!!! Posted a similar topic just an hour ago and can't find it... in any event, here it goes. Wondering about other midcontrol ground clearance heights. My Rizomas are at 12"... wondering what the Ducabike and Ducati OEM mids are at. Photo for reference. Thanks!!!
  3. XDiavel Aftermarket Accessories
    Morning folks and Merry Christmas, Quick question to my fellow xDiavel owners who went the midmount route. My '16 XDS has Rizomas installed. Wondered what is the peg height on the non Rizoma mid mounts? I just want to compare and see if the OEM or the Ducabike is lower to the ground? The...
  4. Bikes for Sale
    2011 Carbon with ~8100miles. It has been well cared for and is ready for its new home. $10,500 PRICE REDUCED FROM 12K Highlights: Ohlins rear shock Andreani cartridge kit Ventura luggage rack Shift tech exhaust Reflashed ecu Cruise control Ducabike frame plugs, bar ends Rizoma rear sets Rizoma...
  5. Drivetrain
    Hi guys. I ordered a Diavel dark 2016 model, along with a Ducabike clear clutch cover, which my workshop is currently preparing. However, the workshop contacted me to say that the pressure plates are wrong. The parts supplied are designed for 3 springs, as is correct on the Ducabike web site...
  6. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Ducabike anodized red bar ends. Never used, brand new. Retail $38. Sell for $30 shipped within the US. Paypal ok.
  7. How-To's
    About this little iten: It's nescessary to drain the oil or can I just unscrew the bolts and change it? Or, if I cannot just unscrew the bolts, can I do that just leaning the bike to the opposite side while change the piece? Help please?
  8. Diavel General Discussion
    I just purchased a 2012 Diavel with 900 miles on it and for the most part LOVE it! But I have one MAJOR complaint, Fueling! From idle until approximately 3800rpm the fueling is HORRIBLE!!! Sometimes it takes longer than it should to start and sometimes it stalls while idling. But riding smooth...
1-9 of 9 Results