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  1. RearsetsShift.jpg

    DucaBike rearsets, shifter side
  2. Diavel Modifications
    Being frustrated with the stock footpeg and rear brake location on my 2011 Carbon, I decided to take the plunge with a set of Ducabike Rearsets, in red to address the issue and bling it up a bit too ......... I've been impressed with Ducabike in the past and also the seller I've been buying...
  3. Diavel General Discussion
    I just purchased a 2012 Diavel with 900 miles on it and for the most part LOVE it! But I have one MAJOR complaint, Fueling! From idle until approximately 3800rpm the fueling is HORRIBLE!!! Sometimes it takes longer than it should to start and sometimes it stalls while idling. But riding smooth...
1-4 of 4 Results