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  1. The Racing Forum
    '13 Diavel Chromo- bone stock- no performance mods.Did 6 runs total. Fastest ET was [email protected] Second fastest was [email protected] First four runs were run in Sport mode with DTC on @ level 1. I felt the DTC kicking in and cutting power out at the launch so I turned off the DTC for the...
  2. Diavel General Discussion
    So it is announced, for those who will be there on the WDW 2012 will have the chance to see the Diavel's in action with the best of the best!!!! http://www.ducatinewstoday.com/2012/05/ducati-motogp-stars-to-take-on-superbike-aces-in-diavel-drag-race/ Who you think will win it? My guess: 1...
1-2 of 2 Results