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  1. The Racing Forum
    [email protected] Here in Vegas.. 2400ft altitude and had a small head wind.. Backed it up with 10.999 @125.7 with missing a shift into forth... Defintely a fast cruiser for sure..... anyone else run recently?
  2. The Racing Forum
    '13 Diavel Chromo- bone stock- no performance mods.Did 6 runs total. Fastest ET was [email protected] Second fastest was [email protected] First four runs were run in Sport mode with DTC on @ level 1. I felt the DTC kicking in and cutting power out at the launch so I turned off the DTC for the...
  3. Australia
    Hi Guys, I found this on youtube and was wondering if any they know who was on the Diavel. The video ends up focusing on the V-Max but I would love to know how the Diavel went. This looks like fun and I have often thought that I should unleash the Diavel at the drags here in Darwin. I...
1-3 of 3 Results