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  1. Diavel General Discussion
    Anybody revive their rides after storing for a few years? Appreciate any inputs on what to look out for on the diavel - service, shocks etc (as of now, going to do basics myself like lubing chain, adjusting chain, replacing battery) Some context: I unfortunately had some undiagnosed condition...
  2. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Greetings from South Florida, Just picked up a 2012 Diavel Carbon in mint condition w Termignioni exhaust. Im adding the woodcraft reverse shift rear sets. Can anyone tell me if the healtech quick shifter works with the termignioni exhaust w ecu ? Thanks
  3. Bikes for Sale
    Excellent condition, over-maintained, upgraded. Low price. https://www.cycletra...RBON-5005882210
  4. Bikes for Sale
    As a few of you will know on this forum, I've had sell many bit's and pieces due to recent illness for which diagnosis has not been good. I'm now finally having to say good bye to my pride and joy. It's not something that I relish but there is no sense in denying the inevitable. The bike has...
  5. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    I'm looking to sell my OEM seat from my Diavel Carbon. It's ‘as new’ as the seat was changed to the touring seat when bought. As some on this forum will know I have been unfortunate with illness, which means that many things, of which this is one, is now up for sale. I have no immediate idea...
1-5 of 5 Results