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  1. Wanted Dead or Alive
    Title says it all - 1st Gen - Full termi setup if it matters. Wanting to give it a try and and see how much difference it makes. My bike came with the exhaust already changed and I've never heard it any other way than open. I wouldn't mind it being a little quieter.
  2. XDiavel General Discussions
    New XDiavel owner. I just started riding again after a long break due to carpel tunnel. Finally went through the surgery, so getting back on a bike was first on my list. I always wanted a Ducati, but after visiting my local dealer I quickly realized my cafe bike days are over. While there...
  3. XDiavel Performance And Modifications
    Can you run with one Termi DB Killer installed for partial noise reduction? It wont cause a back pressure imbalance will it?
  4. SOLD!
    Looking for full termi system gen 1 or 2, db baffle killers. If you have one or both of these laying around please pm me. Thank you.
  5. Australia
    Hi guys I'm in need of a set of termi DB killers for my 2012 Red. If anyone has a pair they no longer need I'd be very interested?
1-5 of 5 Results