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  1. Diavel General Discussion
    I need to replace my left lower radiator panel (cover) and considering a Carbon Fiber replacement to match a few of the other CF panels on the bike. I plan to replace both left and right panels. Can anyone confirm the effort? I've read mixed guidance from others who have replaced them, and all...
  2. Forum News & Information
    Hey Guys, While attempting to install a new CF windscreen on my 2011 CB I discovered the two replacement screws designed to fit in the two middle holes are 2mm larger than the original screws and holes and therefore will not fit. What's the fix, new screws or rethreading the holes? Has anyone...
  3. Forum News & Information
    Has anyone purchased and installed the Bestem CF BELT COVERS on the Diavel? If so what are your thoughs about quality, fit and finish etc.? The cost is very good compared to DP but on the other hand DP is made up of 3 sections compared to 2 for the Bestem. I appreciate any responses. Thanks...
1-3 of 3 Results