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  1. Bikes for Sale
    Not sure if this is the right thread for getting price checks, But I am looking to sell my 2016 XDS in the spring this year. It's got ~4500km, and an extended warranty until 2024. All service has been done by the dealer and its gotten its oil change done at the start of each season. Its been...
  2. Diavel Modifications
    I've picked up a few extra body parts, post Halloween, haha, in stealth matt black. I noticed that the finish sucks! Any oil from fingers will stain it, and of course any Ducati paint is not durable. So I found a solution. I used flat black FlexiDip spray can and was very happy with the result...
  3. Wanted Dead or Alive
    I'm looking to switch out my wheels for a set of black ones. Anyone have a set lying around and want to sell, feel free to PM me. Thanks.
  4. Diavel Pictures and Video's
    Just picked up my 2013 Dark! We have had excellent weather here in Cleveland, OH for the last four days. Got in about 250 miles so far.
  5. Diavel Modifications
    Does anyone think that wider and more raked back handlebars would be a good modification for the Diavel. I have always liked the way the Harleys look. I have never ridden one but they look really comfortable and that added length could potentially bring the bars out and back a touch more...
1-5 of 5 Results