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  1. Diavel General Discussion
    Back in 2014 I purchased the OGIO No Drag Mach 5 backpack for commuting, and general bike usage. About a year later, some teeth on the main zipper broke which prevented me from fully zipping one side. No problem as the other zipper reached that spot and shut the bag. However, about a month...
  2. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hey guys, Moving, so I have to get these out of here. 1st up is the Bell Star. It has a small chip/crack on on the rear wind diffuser. Other than than that its in great condition, medium: Comes with bag, clear and dark chrome shields. I think I have the original box as well Looking for $280...
  3. Parts & Accessories For Sale
    Hi there all I have had this for some time but have rarely used it to be fair I'm a bit to fat for it lol $180 posted in Australia it's in great condition almost new I would say zips still great as new
  4. Diavel General Discussion
    I found this backpack at amazon - http://amzn.com/B0033ZMY1W hopefully it's going to fit underneath the seat. I was looking for something 'to set it and forget it' and have it available when I'd be called by wife to bring some groceries from the trip and the smallest backpack REI had to offer...
1-4 of 4 Results