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  1. XDiavel Performance And Modifications
    Installed Sprint Filter P08 air filter, so hopefully easier to breath . Everything things better than stock, due to te graphic https://conquestcarbon.com/product/sprint-filter-ducati-p08-air-filter-pm127s/
  2. Diavel General Discussion
    Hey folks, Have a situation and if anyone has thoughts on why..... Have a 2016 Diavel dark and after breaking in at 1000kms, opened it up and did runs upto 250kmph. The oil got changed @ 1000kms ~ 3.5litres Stopped the bike and notice oil dripping from the overflow pipe under the belly ~...
  3. How-To's
    Hey guys, I saw a K&N air intake, DU-1007, for $40 and figured I would try it out. It's cold and icy here this time of year, so changing parts is the only bike time I get at the moment. I checked here and only found a few basic instructions, so I figured I would make a more detailed step by step...
1-3 of 3 Results