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  1. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Nice to meet all of you; My name is Scott I am the proud new owner of a 2013 Diavel! A little introduction, I have over 40 years of riding experience starting at 8 with a dirt bike, I raced motocross through my teens and into my 20's. I live in Utah so I only get 8 months of ridding even...
  2. Bikes for Sale
    Very well cared for with 18 600 km. All original equipment will sell with this bike including stock exhaust, white rims, stainless intake covers. The white on blue is a very classy look. The black on blue is a tougher look. You can choose. Comes with paddock stand. I even have original...
  3. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    hey guys trying to see anyone picked up a Dark version. 2013 is the first model year. If you currently own DDD or other dark bikes before, please share your recommend on cleaning the dark matt black finish.
  4. Diavel Forum Welcome Center
    Hello everyone! My 2013 Dark arrived at ACE Motorsports in Concord CA today!! She is getting prepped right now, cant wait to take her out! Any Dark owners out there? Dark in Oakland
  5. Diavel General Discussion
    Hi all, Well Ducati has done it! Took some ideas from the Forum and made them a product. The question is if the new rear end and back rest worths for pricing it higher than a Standard one? Because all the rest of accessories can probably be found through others (as we've seen here in the...
  6. Diavel General Discussion
    Looking at the newly released pictures of the 2013 Diavels I notice a somehow different FRONT tire profile! Which looks like a Diablo Rosso II but with channels more connected. Check this front of the new.... versus the previous....
1-6 of 6 Results