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  1. Body & Chassis
    Hi All, Been sniffing around for a headlight fairing / Cowl. For those who have installed it, does it clean up the air coming off the headlight / bars? Around here (cali) freeway speeds (75-90 MPH) the air can get pretty choppy. I've found one site that still has a Rizoma version (Fits 2012...
  2. Body & Chassis
    Hi All, I've been trying to track down a Carbon Red Seat Cowl to fit my 2012 Diavel, but haven't had much luck outside of ONE on Ebay. [1] . Does anyone have any recommendations on where to possibly pick up a used one? Thanks!
  3. Bikes for Sale
    I've listed my 2012 Carbon Red on Cycletrader (USA): https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2012-Ducati-DIAVEL+CARBON-5005882210/?zmc=paa-active-listing In that listing, I suggest the reader visit the Diavel-Forum. If they do, maybe they will see this listing and take advantage of the discount...
  4. Bikes for Sale
    I'm selling my 2012 Diavel with 23K miles. Bike is in great condition (recently serviced) but will need new rear tire in about 1K miles. Comes with the extra seats (Corbin, Touring and Stock) pictured and the tailbags. Asking $8500 or best offer. Located in Chandler, AZ. Please let me know...
  5. Bikes for Sale
    Hey Foiks, just put my 2012 Carbon Red up for sale with pics and description on Craiglist, very low miles in mint condition. Text 704-277-2888 if interested. Cheers! http://charlotte.craigslist.org/mcy/3661837380.html
  6. Bikes for Sale
    Hullo, I have a *flawless* 2012 Diavel, Red for sale in the DC area. It is bone stock. I am just about through break-in. I am a 46-year-old (non-squid) 100,000 mile+ rider who has very carefully broken in the bike. It will have its 600 mile service tomorrow. It has 630 miles on it today...
  7. Bikes for Sale
    Hello all, I am putting my recently purchased 2012 Black Diamond up for sale due to new opportunities that don't allow for me to take it with me. There are 291 miles on it. The bike is as it came off the show room floor. Completely stock. Asking $16,500 with 9 months of warranty remaining.
1-7 of 7 Results