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Still here...just.

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#1 albymangled

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Posted 19 February 2021 - 01:22 AM

So a coupla weeks back I cop a bee in the head which produces a strong anaphylactic reaction in me...on the bike...pull over, fall over and nearly croak in some guy's yard before he eventually comes out to see why his dog is barking and finds an old biker half dead in the front yard....meh, I'm a tough old coot and with the appropriate meds I come good.

All today I'm out giving my Diavel a last run up the road to warm it up before a guy comes to buy it off me and I'm sitting at the lights and "bang" a kid in a Ford runs into (and over) me.

I'm OK but my poor Diavel is looking rather sad. Kid has no insurance and my bike is still on "laid up" insurance cos it's been unused in the shed for 6 months.

FACK! I've had a lot better days but at least I'm still here to tell the tale.
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    #2 fred

      Sir Fred the Flatulent

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    Posted 19 February 2021 - 05:49 AM

    Glad yer OK,Ol' Timer.
    Don't know what the insurance laws are in Oz but hopefully it'll work out fair.
    Posted Image ..keep a stiff upper lip!...or whatever they say out yonder.

    #3 albymangled

      Bullshit Artiste'

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    Posted 19 February 2021 - 11:01 AM

    Thanks Fred.

    Insurance law here is compulsory only to the point of third party personal injury.
    The young bloke who hit me is unemployed, probably paying off the 15 year old Ford and my only avenue is to ask him to pay or take him to civil court (I'm fucked).

    I guess i will try to repair the formerly prisitne bike asap because believe it or not the guy wanting to purchase is still interested.

    Lucky I didn't get killed I guess but I am gutted about my fkn bike and after the events of the last 3 weeks even beginning to question whether I have run out of luck and something is trying to tell me to pack it in with the bike.
    I have been VERY lucky over the years with crashes etc and I guess eventually yer number comes up...maybe mine is getting close.

    Somewhat foolish talk I know, but I am sitting here typing at 5:28am 'cause i can't sleep.

    I really could do with some zzzzzzzzz' about 5 hours i will be driving a tour bus..

    Ooroo..(as we say down here).

    #4 Rex in the Big Easy!

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    Posted 19 February 2021 - 02:12 PM

    Great news Alby considering the circumstances!

    I normally just look at your typical situation as another "Bump in the road" in life's endeavors.
    You'll be back in the saddle in no time!
    Best wishes.

    #5 Wideopengas


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    Posted 19 February 2021 - 06:40 PM

    First your OK and your breathing. That's the good. I had something like this happen to me but with a car. I spoke with the guy who hit me and we mad a deal that he would pay me for the parts to fix the car and I would do all the work . He was OK with that so we wrote a letter out and both singed it and added our ID numbers to it as a contract. I fixed the car and then sold it. it took him 4 months but he did pay me the money. We did put down in the letter he had to pay me within a time this way if I had to go to court he would end up giving me all the money + time off from my job court fees and all. I wrote it all in that letter. this way the court would read it and say you win pay the man...

    #6 albymangled

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    Posted 22 February 2021 - 01:51 AM

    Thanks for your thoughts one and all.

    I've had a better look at the damage now and it is mostly confined to plastics under the seat area.

    I've found some second hand stuff in Queensland which should do the job.
    If not, around $1250 AUD should sort it out (and what else do we have a credit card for besides "life's little bumps in the road").

    I have been thinking very closely along the "get the other guy to pay for the parts and i'll fit'em" idea...
    I'll put it to him that I'm doing him a favour and would he prefer that in the short term or I can send him a bigger bill later after getting the repairs done by the dealer.

    "Back in the saddle Rex..?" Hahahaha, I had to work all day Saturday driving a tour but Sunday was spent, me, my best girl and my WideGlide cruising the Adelaide Hills.
    I could no more give up the bike than breathing. This is my 50th year on bikes...46 of 'em on the road.

    Again thanks for the encouragement...I realise it was just a collection of shit luck and a kid reading his FB on the phone more intently than looking where he was going.

    Cheers...ALBY M.

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    #7 Speed_Racerr

      The Don

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    Posted Yesterday, 07:05 PM


    #8 XD1262

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    Posted Today, 01:22 AM

    I'm glad you did well.
    Although such material damage always sucks.
    But as your mood is, things can be repaired.
    Keep up the good work.

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